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Friday 26th February 2016

Dear David,

I discovered your pen rests by accident but I can’t profess my enthusiasm and joy enough!
I received my first pen rest from you today, a silver block with midnight top. It will be used to display my Yard O led Retro Grand fountain pen which will be a birthday present from my wife in April. It only took a few minutes, after opening the box to realise I wanted another one. The order is with you now. I have wasted a great deal of time and money trying to find the ‘right’ pen rest for me in terms of quality, price aesthetics and practicality but today the perfect solution is in my hands.
Congratulations on producing such a cracking solution which adds another dimension to pen ownership. The most striking thing is the simplicity which lens itself to modern and vintage pens, presenting the writing instrument as a little piece of ‘art’ without adding cluttered lines or needless embellishments.
Many I wish you the very best of luck with your venture!



Here are some thoughts about the Pen Rest.IMG_5998
– Very professional looking
– Stacks nicely
– All around good looks
– The only thing I was “meh” about was the rubber or whatever it was to hold the pen. I didn’t feel like it fit with the rest, and I tossed it. My
pens are no worse for wear, and it doesn’t seem to affect the pen staying where it should.- Matthew

Hi Matthew

Thanks for the review.
Actually the non slip mat I provided was not for the pen. I included it so that you if you placed a
smartphone landscape on the sill it would not slip because of the mat…. 
 Try it and you’ll see it slips off.


image2I have been using The Pen Rest since they were received and they are excellent.  Well made and look good at my desk.  The weight and balance confirms the care and quality of the product and they are worth the money.

I would recommend them to fellow pen collectors and think they will make superb gifts.




The Pen Rest arrived the other day and we just want to say it is beautiful. You should be very proud of your design. Both gold and silver blocks look better then we have even imagined. Excellent quality, the finish is amazing and definitely heavier than we expected .
As the attached pictures show, the packaging is very nice that makes the product even more unique.
The Pen Rests look perfect on our desks
Thank you.
Katarzyna & Wojciech

The packaging is really nicegold and silver block.looks perfect on my desk it is stackable!

They arrived the other day but I waited until today to open the box since today is my husband’s birthday and the whole reason for the order. He loves them! He took each one out and unwrapped it as though it were a train set, lol. It was very well packed; there seemed to be very little shifting of the boxes. We liked the black tissue paper, which added a little special something. And we both love the boxes themselves! They are much nicer than I imagined they would be. … Besides fountain pens, my husband also likes boxes, so this was an added bonus. The pen rests themselves are very attractive and glide together very well ..
Thank you for all your hard work in bringing your great idea to fruition!! Congratulations! – Jane USA

I am extremely happy with the packaging, the look and feel of the packaging with the magnetic latch, and of course, the pen rest themselves are just wonderful! I especially love the brass ones. I guess the others are aluminium …. All in all, you should be very proud of yourself as you do have a winner. – Steven USA

Just got it today! I really like the packaging, it looks very sharp. The Pen Rest is heavier than I expected, and I like the feel of the smooth curved surfaces.


When I am able to do a more thorough review I’ll send a link. But so far my first impressions are all positive! – Elizabeth USA

Just pulled it out of the mail box. Looks amazing – Matthew UK

I received my three Pen Rest blocks and cap today and I am very pleased.

The blocks and cap are of excellent quality and the finish is perfect. As the attached pictures show, the packaging was good and the blocks arrived without any problems or damage in shipping.

I would also like to compliment you on the manner in which you conducted your Kickstarter campaign. You provided frequent and informative updates including interesting options along the way.

Great product and great service. Thank you!

Mark Lonergan

Tickled pink with my pen rest. It is beautifully made and looks rather stylish on my desk. I went for two storeys and can now find more than one pen when the phone rings . . . it came nicely packaged and is a pleasure to own.
P. J. Turner, Pontefract

Well, I received my PenRest order this morning.
WOW this item is better than expected.
GREAT look and GREAT feel.
My pen has never looked better.
Thank you
David & Team – Sally UK

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 23.06.49

Gift boxes

The Pen Rest

I stopped buying expensive stationery for now, but there is still some stuff coming in that I ordered in the past. One of these arrived this weekend: The Pen Rest.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 23.08.41

The Pen Rest blocks

I backed The Pen Rest on Kickstarter and chose the rewards for two pen rests and a top. I think the price has changed since I backed this Kickstarter, but I got the price that was valid when I backed the project. I chose the silver blocks, but they are also available in gold.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 23.09.51

My impressions

My first impressions: Great! The packaging is really nice and the pen rests came in gift boxes with the lid held in place by a magnet.

The blocks and the top look even nicer than I imagined. The two blocks have a perfect friction fit when you slot them together. The top is a bit loose though. I might put some blue tack in to provide some better hold. The blocks came with a non slip mat, too, but in my opinion it doesn’t look great and is a bit too thick. (EDITORS NOTE: The mat was for smartphones to sit on the Pen Rest in landscape without slipping)

Altogether a great way of storing pencils and pens. I hope they will be available for many years to come in case I want to add to my existing pen rests.

I can confirm that the Pen Rest arrived and they are excellent. I love everything about the product, the package including box, rest, build and feel are to a very high standard. Well worth the investment.

I am back in the office tomorrow and will be taking the Pen Rest with me so will be able to provide some pictures.

Once again an excellent product.



Written by wpadmin